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Übersicht der zahnärtzlichen Leistungen

Amalgamentfernung und Ersatz

Deutlich sichtbare und unästhetisch Amalgamfüllungen im Seitenzahnbereich• Image 1: Clearly visible and unsightly amalgam fillings in the posterior region.

A tooth is kept healthy by removing the carious part of the tooth and filling it with amalgam or an amalgam substitute. In the past, amalgam was mainly used for dental fillings. Its high mercury content has worried scientists and patients for years, even though its health risk has not been proven so far.

Zudem ist die metallene Farbe des Dentalamalgams ein kosmetischer Störfaktor. Dem gegenüber stehen die Vorteile der langen Haltbarkeit von Amalgamfüllungen und deren unkomplizierte Verarbeitung im Mund auch bei erschwerten Bedingungen. Zudem verringert Dentalamalgam die Neubildung von Karies.

In addition, the metallic color of dental amalgam is a cosmetic disruptive factor. This contrasts with the advantages of the long durability of amalgam fillings and their uncomplicated processing in the mouth, even under difficult conditions. Dental amalgam also reduces the formation of new caries.

Depending on the individual indication, a tried and tested amalgam substitute for tooth restoration is recommended not only for renal impairment, pregnant women and allergy sufferers who cannot tolerate amalgam.

Plastic, gold alloys or ceramics can serve as alternative filling substances. In addition to the absence of the toxin mercury, another advantage of plastic and ceramic is the better aesthetics due to their white tooth color.

The replacement of the old amalgam fillings with filling materials without mercury is feasible and recommended.

Konservierende Behandlung mit einer ästhetischen, wenig auffallenden Komopositfüllung
• Image 2 & 3: Preservative treatment with an aesthetic, low-profile composite filling (popularly known as plastic filling)

As your dentist in Bäch - Freienbach, I would be happy to advise you without obligation on the suitable dental material and the possible additional costs for your crown, your filling, your inlay or onlay.

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